Jimmy Kimmel

WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Brings "Mean Tweets" to the Oscars and We Can't Stop Laughing

We love when Jimmy Kimmel does a "Mean Tweets" segment on his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!. So we were super excited that Kimmel didn't pass up an opportunity to have celebrities read mean tweets about themselves during last night's Oscar awards.The Oscar edition of "Mean Tweets" did not disappoint in...
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Ben Affleck Sneaks Matt Damon Onto Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Here is the latest development in a hilarious made up feud between Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel… Matt Damon emerged temporally victorious! After the Oscars Ben Affleck snuck Damon into Jimmy Kimmel’s Show. Kimmel kept a straight face and was “mad” about it and even let Damon bask in his glory for a...
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