Music Festival

When the Beat Stops - Hangout Fest Edition

Producer Kelly is going to Hangout Fest, and so this gave Jeff and Jenn to play a new edition of When the Beat Stops. Marino got a bunch of clips together from artists performing at Hangout Fest, and Jeff and Jenn had to finish the lyrics to each of the song clips. Jenn is the defending champion...
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Girl Problems


The struggle is REAL! I don’t know what’s worse, the five to seven days of PMS or trying to get that perfect ponytail that gives you an instant facelift! Trying to look perfect is an everyday girl struggle! Guys will never understand how important the sale at Sephora is, but Jenn and Producer Kelly...
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Cheating Couple

Ghost Hunting: Has Enough Time Passed?

UPDATE 2: Heather listened to Chris's call and her reaction was less than perfect. Is this girl wack or is that just us thinking out loud?? Ghost Hunting: Heather Reacts to Chris's Call UPDATE: Jeff & Jenn reached out to Anna but she got cold feet and we spoke to Chris, her husband,...
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Jenn and BeetleCat Waiters

Jenn is Surprised by the BeetleCat Waiter!

Jenn talked about how she and some friends went to BeetleCat, and she saw the hottest waiter. She is totally hot for her husband, but she said she just appreciated how beautiful this man is. Well, we pulled a fast one on her and surprised her in studio with Jarred, the hot waiter! Talk about a...
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Jenn and Family

Jenn is STRESSED about Flying with Her Kids

UPDATE: Jenn went on the flight with her daughters and it wasn't so bad! Jenn Flight Update Jenn is so nervous because she is going to have to travel on a plane with her young kids. The last time she did this, her daughter Lauren didn’t stop screaming the entire flight. Now she has two young...
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Jenn and Lauren

Should Jenn Go to Her Daughter's Performance?

Jenn went to her daughter, Lauren's Spanish performance at school, and Lauren got so shy that she wouldn't perform. They have another performance today, but Jenn is wondering if she should even go because she's afraid that she is the reason Lauren gets stage fright. UPDATE: After getting a lot of...
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Holding Hands

Soulmates: Do They Exist?

Jenn doesn't believe in soulmates and she doesn't think she's alone here. Jeff believes and says a soulmate is "the one person on this planet that you find & go through the rest of your life together as one body & one soul." Jenn ain't buyin' it. Research shows people can meet "The ONE" at...
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Jeff and Jenn in Studio

Jenn's Advice for Women: How to Command Your Workplace

Jenn believes there is one simple thing you can do with your body that will make you be taken more seriously at work. She shares this with all of the interns that come in, and now she wants to share it with you! Jenn's Body Language Advice
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SunTrust Park

Jenn's SunTrust Park Experience

Jenn was able to go over to the new Braves stadium, SunTrust Park, and take a hard hat tour of the cool things they are doing over there. She got an inside look at how the building is coming along, and got the scoop on what to expect once it is finished! Jenn's SunTrust Park Experience
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Ghosthunting - Josh & Rebecca

Ghost Hunting: Josh Wants to Find Old Flame Rebecca

While on a break with his wife, Josh met Rebecca. They dated, had a special relationship, & Josh even says Rebecca HELPED him get back together with his wife. Then, Rebecca disappeared & Josh feels like she used him. Josh says they had a special connection & wants to know why she hasn’t...
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