Jedi-Mind Tricks for Kids!

Jenn is taking Lauren to her favorite childhood place and really wants Lauren to love it like she does!
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The Plant Challenge

Can they keep these plants alive?
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1Day1Thing Earth Day 2019 Metro Atlanta Urban Farm

PHOTOS: Star 94.1 and entire Entercom Atlanta family spend Earth Day on the farm!

Entercom, the parent company of Star 94.1, held approximately 50 Earth Day volunteer events nationwide, including one right here in Atlanta at The Metro Atlanta Urban Farm in College Park, engaging more than 3,000 volunteers across the company as part of its 1Thing Sustainability Initiative . The...
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Where'd You Fall Asleep?

Jenn accidentally fell asleep at a high school play!
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UPDATE: Jenn Made a HUGE Mistake This Morning

She had to apologize to her husband Grant this morning for a major mistake she made!
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Shopping Under The Influence 2019

PHOTOS: Shopping Under The Influence

Great wine. Shopping in downtown Roswell. Perfect Spring weather. What more could you ask for? Right? That’s what you got & more, at Star 94.1’s Shopping Under The Influence on Saturday, April 13th! What a perfect, gorgeous day for strolling down Canton St with a wine glass in your hand and...
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Rhyme Time: Jenn v. Jeannine

Jeannine wants her crown back on her birthday!
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Jenn's Open and Honest Conversation About Infertility

Today is her daughter Lauren's 6th birthday, so she shared the story of how she got here.
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Soundtrack of Your Life

What would yours sound like?
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Ear Candling... we tried it in studio! How'd it go? Find out here!

We sat down with Aaliya from Warrior Body Spa to get the run down on WHAT ear candling even is! Check out their website HERE!
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