Jenn's Open and Honest Conversation About Infertility

Today is her daughter Lauren's 6th birthday, so she shared the story of how she got here.
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Soundtrack of Your Life

What would yours sound like?
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Ear Candling... we tried it in studio! How'd it go? Find out here!

We sat down with Aaliya from Warrior Body Spa to get the run down on WHAT ear candling even is! Check out their website HERE!
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Punished in Public

Jenn disciplined her daughter at a store and isn't sure she did the right thing!
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Do You Wash Your Oven Mitts?

She needs your help! Are you supposed to wash your oven mitts?
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Get To Know Jeff and Jenn!

UPDATE: We played an other round and learned a liiiitttle more about Jeff and Jenn! UPDATE: Get To Know Jeff and Jenn! We're searching for a new radio name for producer Amanda. So we decided to play a game that helps us get to know each other a little better!
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Our neighbors to the South have a special knack for getting into trouble in some really unusual ways.

And Jenn Hobby is specially equipped to report and comment on this because she is FROM the State of Florida! This is HER people! :-)


February 27, 2019

WTF? (What The Florida?)

Jenn Hobby and Reese ring the bell

ICYMI: See Jenn and Reese ring the bell at CHOA!

We've followed Reese's journey from the absolute very beginning. We've prayed. We've cried together. And we've tried to lift up Jenn and her family throughout the entire journey. And we just stumbled across this video from less than two months ago... and in case you missed it, it's time to cry with...
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Surprise Gone Wrong

Jenn's daughter is taking the fun out of being a parent!
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Jeff's Thank You Note Project

He's challenged the show to thank someone!
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