Jeff and Callie

Jeff's Morning Routine: His Rules for Callie

Jeff's fiancee, Callie, got a brand new job over at CNN working as the executive assistant for Robin Meade on her HLN show, Morning Express with Robin Meade! Since her job is now in the early mornings, she and Jeff will have the same schedule. This will make life a lot easier for them together, but...
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Bad Co-worker

The WORST Coworker EVER!

Jenn told us a story about bringing her kids to the pool this weekend (someone pooped in the pool, YUCK!) which inspired Jeff to tell us a story about the 'most horrible' co-worker his friend worked with when he was a lifeguard. Jeff's friend said this guy, who we'll call "Brad," would...
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Kelly Sneaky

Jeff is in a Predicament

Jeff asked Jenn & Producer Kelly Cheese for some advice for a predicament he's found himself in with a "friend" of his. Halfway through telling us about this "friend" Producer Kelly realized Jeff was talking about her! Time to call out Kelly! She's been sending pictures to Jeff & Jenn all...
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Jeff Oysters

Jeff Tries an Oyster for the First Time!

In case you missed it (which we are so not judging you for) Jeff brought a placenta pill in last week, mixed it in his water, and tried it. OMG, gross. Since he was able to eat placenta, Jenn figured she could make him try an oyster for the first time ever today. No seriously, he's never had an...
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Jeff and Callie

Jeff's Wedding: Will There Even Be a First Dance??

Jeff shocked us this morning when he told Jenn he & his fiancee Callie have decided NOT to do a first dance at their wedding. Wait. What...? Why? Jeff says he's got two left feet & told us Callie doesn't like being the center of attention. Jenn felt like it was a punch in the gut, and she's...
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Flat Tire

Final Destination: It Was Meant to Be

Ever felt like you dodged a bullet? Like something told you, "hey you..take three steps to the right," & then BAM a tree falls right where you were standing before?? Our own Jeff Dauler had a date with fate on Monday morning. He's been offering to take his fiancee, Callie's car in for a long...
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Jeff and Jenn Show Bandages

Jenn Had Skin Cancer Surgery and Jeff Is Freaked!

UPDATE: Our sweet Jenn came to work with bandages on her face (side note: she still looks AH-dorable) today after her minor surgery she had to remove skin cancer. Jeff's still squirming in his chair over all this surgery talk. We got the low down from Jenn's nurse, Ashley, who told us warning signs...
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Bachelor Party

Jeff's Bachelor Party: Should Jenn Go?

Jeff is about to get married, but he has one thing left to plan, his bachelor party! Jeff and Jenn have been friends for years, and Jenn is going to be a groomswoman in Jeff's wedding. But, Jeff doesn’t think Jenn should be a part of the bachelor party since she's not a guy. Jenn on the other hand...
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Jeff Drinks Placenta

Jeff Brought in a Placenta Pill

We spoke with Todd earlier in the week, he’s expecting his first child! Todd wanted to know how placenta tastes because his wife wanted both of them to try it. A lot of people called in saying the hospital would encapsulate it for them. Well, Jeff was able to get his hands on some placenta pills...
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Jeff Mouth Guard

Mouth Guard Breakups

Yea, you heard it right -- Mouth guard break ups. Jeff read out some of the most commonly used lines used for break ups while wearing a mouthguard & Producer Kelly Cheese had to guess what he was saying. Either Kelly's been dumped more than she told us or she's got a past in the dental field we...
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