Jeff and Callie

Jeff's "I'll Remain Hot For You" Vows

Jeff had a question for Jenn about his upcoming wedding vows because he wants their wedding vows just to be like someone else's in one instance. A girl put in her wedding vows that she will stay hot for her husband, and Jeff wants to know if it's awful if he wants Callie to put that in her vows to...
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Bachelor Party

Jeff's Groomsman Weighs In on His Bachelor Party!

Jeff’s buddy Ed Roland came by today to talk about whether or not Jenn should go to Jeff’s bachelor party. Jenn really wants to go and she makes a good point, how can you invite someone to be in your wedding party but exclude them from the bachelor party?? The fellas aren’t having it. Ed breaks it...
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Airport Walkers

Jeff’s Open Letter to Airport Walkers

It's Jeff's turn to vent his frustrations and this time he's taking down the people who walk slow at the airport. You know those people, they've made you late to your gate or slowed you down when you've finally landed on your hometown soil. All Jeff wants is to get where he's going...and fast! Dear...
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Jenn Celebrating

Jenn Plays Love It or Leave It

Jenn came up with a new game and made Jeff play the other day where she gave him 30 seconds to say if he’d love or leave a certain thing, and you can only explain away one thing you would leave. So now it’s Jenn’s turn to play! Jenn says she loves the Olympics, millennials, soccer, Mexico, Bloody...
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Jeff Goes to the Doctor

Jeff has a doctor’s appointment on the schedule and Jenn is impressed he’s made an appointment. She doesn’t think men go to the doctor for regular checkups like women have to, guys will go a long time without going to the doctor. Jeff doesn’t go all the time, but he will do an annual physical. He...
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Jeff Dauler

Jeff’s Dropped Call Rage

Ever been on the phone and mid-convo the call drops? Jeff went on a rant today about how much he hates when phone calls drop and when his iMessage shows up green instead of blue. He knows it’s not your fault but he’s totally blaming you anyway. LOL, here we go! Jeff's Drop Call Rage
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Jeff and Jenn Studio

Jeff Interviews Jenn

Jenn saw an interview that People magazine did with Matthew McConaughey and she loved the rapid fire interview questions they asked him, so yesterday she decided to ask those same questions to Jeff. And today, it’s Jeff’s turn to interview Jenn! She said her biggest extravagance is her makeup, and...
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Jeff and Jenn In Studio

Jeff Plays Love It or Leave It

Jenn brought a new game to the show and wants to make it a regular bit. Just like how the Monday Morning Rap Battles have become a weekly thing. Once the timer starts, Jenn rapidly fires off different things or people and Jeff has to say if he likes it or loves it. He said he loved Taylor Swift,...
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Jeff and Jenn

Jenn Interviews Jeff

Jenn saw an interview that People magazine did with Matthew McConaughey and she loved the rapid fire interview questions they asked him, so she decided to ask those same questions to Jeff! Jeff’s answers caused some controversy because we found out he thinks Beyonce is overrated and he’s attracted...
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Jeff's Needs Help, Where Are His Glasses??

Jeff’s in a predicament and since he’s non-confrontational he’s asking our listeners what they think he should do. Jeff went out with a group of friends and left his glasses at the restaurant they were at. One his mutual friends had a little too much to drink and accidentally picked up Jeff’s...
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