Jeff Oysters

Jeff Watched a Lady Open Oysters for an HOUR

UPDATE: Brittany wanted to give Reese a pearl of her own, and apparently Jeff has a special skill when it comes to picking oysters with rare pearls. Who knew?! Jeff is Now an Oyster Expert Brittany called us and we talked to her about her videos! Jeff felt creepy talking to the person he watched...
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Callie and Jeff

Jeff's Wedding Dilemma

UPDATE: Jenn's ready to play ball and make a final decision for Jeff's awkward situation, but our listeners are throwing a major curve ball our way. More Calls on Jeff's Wedding Dilemma Jeff is two months away from his big day, and he has a bit of a situation. A guest list situation. His...
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Jeff Ghost Cat

Jeff's Weekend Horror Story

Jeff was home alone for the weekend because Callie is out of town. He is lying on his bed and his dogs are in their beds, when he sees movement from across the room. He sees a kitten, and then the kitten darts off. Now, he can't find it. And he doesn't even own a cat!! Jeff's Weekend...
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Kelly Sneaky

Jeff and Kelly Cheese Need to Apologize

Both Jeff and Kelly Cheese did something over the weekend that they have to apologize for. Jeff owes an apology to our boss, Tony, after doing something to his phone. But, Kelly Cheese needs to offer up an "I'm Sorry" to the entire male population she and her friends terrorized with limes over the...
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Cat Song

Cat Song for Bethany and Fiona

Bethany called in ripping into Jeff and Jenn for their cat songs and other content. She thought the cat songs are so stupid, and she can't believe they get paid to make stuff like that. She wanted to speak to our boss, Mike Fowler, so Jeff "transferred" her. In reality, he just picked up the phone...
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Love at First Kiss Kiss

Love at First Kiss: Paula Went on a First Date with Jeff!

You might remember Paula and Jeff, the brave duo who met for our Love at First Kiss segment and locked lips within seconds. Was it love at first kiss? Well, they ended up going on a first date! Paula joins us to give the full lowdown on what happened during the date and why her legs are all...
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Jeff is Getting Dumpster Emails from His Neighbor

We all have THAT person in our neighborhood who takes the neighborhood watch a little too seriously. There's a man in Jeff's complex who has become the self-appointed dumpster king. He has sent multiple emails about specific items being thrown in the dumpster...very specific items. Jeff's...
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Emily and Jenn

Failed First Kiss Needs A Fix!

Remember Emily? We brought her in to kiss a stranger and the stranger never showed. Bummer. But we brought her back to see if she's down for Jeff's new idea. Here we go! Jeff's New Idea for Emily from Love at First Kiss
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Jeff and Callie's First Wedding Fight

Jeff and his fiancée Callie thought their cool and collected approach to wedding planning would get them to the big day without any arguing. They’ve been doing surprisingly well too…until this weekend. With the wedding date hanging just over the horizon, it’s no surprise that something very tiny...
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Corporate Speak

Jeff's Corporate Email Response to His Boss

You guys did it! You gave us enough corporate jargon to write an entire email back to our boss Tony filled with it. Here's how it started but if you want to hear the full thing you'll have to listen to Jeff's delivery. It's radio gold. Hey Tony, Just wanted to buzz the tower about our back-and-...
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