A Cat Song For Ralphie

Allison called us a few days ago and told us about her friend Lindsey and Lindsey's cat Ralphie. Ralphie has an interesting story and is most definitely deserving of a cat song so we made it happen. Buckle up, this one could be our best work yet. Cat Song For Ralphie If you'd like a cat song made...
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When Was The First Time You Saw Your Parents Drunk?

You never forget the first time you saw your mom and dad stumble in the house after one too many drinks. When Was The First Time You Saw Your Parents Drunk? Cheers, Mom & Dad!
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Are You Awesomely Awkward?

Jeff didn't think anyone could top his awkwardness...and then our phone lines starting ringing. Awesomely Awkard Part 1 Then things got really awkward. Awesomely Awkward Part 2
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Your Campaign Slogan [HERE]

Open your phone, look at the last text you sent, and bam! There's your new campaign slogan. We had some interesting ones shared in the studio today. Your Campaign Slogan [HERE] Our listeners weren't shy about sharing what their campaign slogan would be. Your Campaign Slogan [HERE] Part 2
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We See You Trollin'

It's time for us to channel our inner trolls for another round of 'We See You Trollin!' We See You Trollin 10.06.16.mp3
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Producer David is a Cow

5 Levels of Moo

There are fewer things Producer David loves more than Chick-Fil-A. There are even fewer things he loves more than FREE FOOD. So when the two can be combined, he will do ANYTHING. And by anything, we mean dress in different levels of a cow costume to see what he can get. He and our intern Jeannine...
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