Airline Will Let You Know If a Baby Is Seated In Your Row

Travelers now have a new tool to help guarantee their chances of a peaceful flight. Japan Airlines has launched a new booking feature that lets you know where babies are seated on the plane, according to “Today.” Airline will tell passengers if they'll be sitting near a baby https://t.co/nHkXTo2hwH...
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All The Feels

From the youngest superhero, to the sweetest international family reunion ever, to locals planting thousands of trees, these stores are sure to inspire you!
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The Smoke Break Debate

Liz was FURIOUS with us after we shared a story on vacation days for non-smokers, and her call sparked a debate for the ages.
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J9's Going to MomoCon

Jeannine fills the team in on what MomoCon is, then Jeff gives her an assignment to do while she's there.
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Jeff Dauler

Ambien - Does It Make You Do This?

Jeff sometimes take Ambien, and he becomes a bit different when he's taken it. He goes into these dream-like states, and his fiancee Callie recorded him when he was in one of his Ambien states. He talked about Wonder Woman being in Japan and being in the ocean!
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