Everything You Need to Know About iOS 14

From a new home screen to digital car keys to picture-in-picture video viewing, these are just some of the new features that Apple users can expect when iOS 14 is released. Learn more about the newest version of the mobile operating system here.
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Apple Unveils New, Cheaper iPhone SE with Smaller Screen

Apple is targeting budget conscious customers with the release of their latest iPhone. On Wednesday, the tech giant announced the launch of the new iPhone SE, an update to the original SE from four years ago.
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Apple and Google Team Up to Track Coronavirus Spread Using Smartphones

Apple and Google are joining forces to develop software to warn users if they’ve potentially been exposed to coronavirus. The technology will launch in May as a downloadable app.
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'Star Wars' Director Rian Johnson Says Movie Villains Aren't Allowed to Use Apple Products

Rian Johnson, director of “Knives Out” and “The Last Jedi,” has just revealed something interesting about the bad guys in movies – you won’t be seeing them touting any Apple products.
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Everything You Need to Know About the Latest iOS Update

(106.5) It's that time of year, where Apple has released a new iOS update and we all have to learn to adjust! Here are some of the main things that have changed on your iPhone: Apple Maps improvements: There's now a Google Street View-like feature called "Look Around" and a new feature that lets...
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Blackmail Photo Albums

Jeff heard Kelly Cheese mention she has a "blackmail album" full of photos of her friends she uses for good laughs & funny social media posts. Blackmail Photo Albums Part 1 Jeff needed to know if anyone else has a "blackmail album" too. Blackmail Photo Albums Part 2
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Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO Support Group

Our own Intern Alexa opened up to us about her Pokémon GO addiction this morning. She even told us she got in trouble at her other job for playing on the clock! So, we opened the Pokémon GO help line for all you other addicts & the calls flooded in like Pokémon in Marietta Square at 4AM. LOL,...
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Haunted House

Revenge on Your Ex: It's a Haunted House!

What epic ways have you gotten revenge on your ex? This listener story blew us away! Taylor couldn’t wait to tell us her brother’s ingenious story of revenge. Taylor’s brother recently moved out of the house he shared with his now ex-girlfriend. But while he was still living there, he managed to...
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Health App

Jeff Saved a Guy's Life!

Jeff talked about adding his Medical ID on his iPhone through the Health app after Callie told him to do it. He then shared with everyone exactly how to do it, and it ended up saving a listener's life. Anthony called in to share his story about listening to Jeff and following those directions, and...
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