Who Shouldn't Have Been Invited To Your Wedding?

There's always that ONE person that you really wish wouldn't have been invited to your wedding...
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Crashing Thanksgiving

Her boyfriend hasn't invited her...but his family has! What does she do?
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Jeannine On The Scene: Harry Styles Pranking

What happens when a HUGE fan tells her boyfriend that Harry invited her to be alone after the show?
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Forgive Us, JP?

Jenn had to apologize to JP and Heidi, but it turns out the whole team has to beg for forgiveness too.
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Mad Bride

Disinvited to a Wedding: Should Kat Do It?

How exactly do you go about UN-inviting someone to your wedding? Listener Kat called us and she needs to uninvite a former co-worker who has already RSVP'd. Uh oh, this could be awkward. This co-worker always caused drama, so much so that she was fired. Kat wants to avoid any drama at her wedding,...
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