I Hate My Name

Our listener Alexa, and a whole lotta other callers, are fed up with hearing all the "original" jokes around their name.
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Three-Word Shade

These 3-word insults are all you need to throw the perfect shade.
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Haters on Helium

What better way to read our negative feedback than with helium?
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I Can't Stand Driving With Them

Does your partner's backseat driving drive you nuts? Does your driving scare them half to death? Well good news, you're not alone!
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Jeff and Tony

Is Jeff Being a Diva?

Jeff feels like his boss is on his case! And Jeff is unsure if he should confront his boss about it or if he is just being too sensitive. Is Jeff right or is he being a diva that can’t take constructive criticism? Jeff Feels Insulted by Our Boss
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