I Love You

Dump Them, Date Me: Nick & Danielle.

We had to give it one more try. By the end of it we had to ask, "has anyone ever told somone 'I love you' within the first few hours and did it actually work?" Just wait until you hear the waitress & the bartender story. Dump Them Date Me Nick and Danielle.mp3
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Accidental "I Love You's"

Ever been so caught up in the moment you accidentally blurt out, "I love you!" to your new-ish significant other? Accidental I Love You Part 1 Jeff swears people don't accidentally blurt things like that out. Is he right? Accidental I Love You Part 2
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Love Triangle

Where is This Relationship Going – Jackson and Julia

Usually it’s a woman asking about her relationship with her boyfriend, but this week the tables are turned. Jackson is calling in wondering what’s going on in his relationship with his girlfriend of 6 months, Julia. He has said “I love you”, but she will not say it back. He doesn’t understand why...
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