Understated Sexy Skills

Whether it's driving manual or caring for a baby, some skills just don't get enough credit for being SUPER sexy.
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Is 'Ugly Hot' A Thing?

Jeff heard some women discussing "ugly hot" men, and needed some answers.
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Hot Guy

Hot Guys on Instagram

Listen up ladies, the women of the Jeff & Jenn show would like to make your day. Every day. All day. Earlier in the show, we talked about what creepy things women would do if they were men. Like Tanya, who saves pictures of her friends' husbands on her phone and then uses them when she's "alone...
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Jeff and Callie

Jeff's "I'll Remain Hot For You" Vows

Jeff had a question for Jenn about his upcoming wedding vows because he wants their wedding vows just to be like someone else's in one instance. A girl put in her wedding vows that she will stay hot for her husband, and Jeff wants to know if it's awful if he wants Callie to put that in her vows to...
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Jenn and BeetleCat Waiters

Jenn is Surprised by the BeetleCat Waiter!

Jenn talked about how she and some friends went to BeetleCat, and she saw the hottest waiter. She is totally hot for her husband, but she said she just appreciated how beautiful this man is. Well, we pulled a fast one on her and surprised her in studio with Jarred, the hot waiter! Talk about a...
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