Six Second Challenge!

We make our jobs look easy, but can you do it?
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Don't Badmouth Trivia Night

Someone's calling for a boycott of the Jeff & Jenn Show after Jeff dissed trivia night, and we've got their angry email to prove it.
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Kim Kardashian Impressions

We all try to be our very best Kim K., and after hearing Jenn's spot-on attempt we're pretty sure she must secretly be a Kardashian.
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Behind the Lense with Tony Gonzalez

"NFL Star, author, host and actor, Tony Gonzalez sits down with the girls from The Local Lense to chat about his role in XXX: Return of Xander Cage. His role as lead soldier was very physical and taps into his athleticism through stunts and an epic fight scene with Vin Diesel. Plus, he talks...
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Marino Food

Marino Had to Hide Food!

Marino’s future in-laws came into town, and they are really healthy eaters. So, Marino and his fiancée had to hide all the unhealthy food! They aren’t the worst eaters but they like pizza and ice cream every once in a while. Marino walked in on his fiancée eating a bowl of ice cream in their...
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