Couple Mad

Where is This Relationship Going: Sarah Wants To Settle Down

Sarah, 33, has been dating her boyfriend Adam, who is 24, for six months and needs to know where the relationship is going. When she asked him about it, Adam said he doesn't want to be exclusive or to be in a serious relationship. Sarah wants us to reach out to Adam to let him know she's serious...
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Jeff and Callie

Jeff's Wedding Registry: He Doesn't Get It

Jeff opened up to Jenn today about his take on wedding registries and why he wants to be as excited as his fiance Callie, but he just isn't. He feels bad because he wants to make Callie happy, but he just can't get himself excited about the registry. Jeff Needs Wedding Registry Help We don't think...
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Ask and Run

We have a new segment called "Ask and Run", and people can call in with questions that they need help in answering. But, they only have 30 seconds to explain their situation and ask the question for help. Our listeners then chime in on what they think the caller should do. This time, callers asked...
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Jeff and Jenn and Lindsay Sims

Ask a Wedding Planner

Lindsay Sims with TOAST Events has been named one of the top 10 wedding planners by Vogue and Martha Stewart Living, and she joined us in the studio to give our listeners advice! Brian is having trouble with his mother-in-law, she keeps trying to meddle in their wedding and change things up. So, he...
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Wedding Venue

Wedding Prep 101: 5 Tips to Avoid Day-Of Screw Ups

if you're about to get married, we’ve made your life easier! Wedding planner, Lindsay Sims of TOAST Events, joined the show to give you some tips to avoid those last minute wedding screw-ups. Here is the list of those 5 things, and also listen below for more advice from Lindsay! Packing and...
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Jeff's Dream Turned Inspirational

Today is not forever. Sometimes life will throw you curve balls, and often we get discouraged. But hang in there. Things will get better. You may not understand the process but what you are going through will make you stronger in the long run. Stay Encouraged... Today is not forever.​ Jeff Dauler...
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Jeff and Callie

Make Jeff a Wedding Superstar!

Jeff wants to impress his fiancee, Callie with some great ideas for their wedding. The problem is that he doesn't know what to do! So, he needs your help in coming up with some great ideas for the wedding. What should he do? Make Jeff a Wedding Superstar! Our listeners called in with their own...
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Mother's Day

Mother's Day Emergency: Last Minute Gift Ideas

Jeff is in a bind and has no idea what to do. He has let this week go past him without getting his mom a gift for Mother's Day! So he needs help, we got our listeners to give him some ideas on what to send her since she lives in an entirely different state. Emergency Gift Ideas Jeff thought he...
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