Jenn's Message on Cyberbullying

Jenn got real with us today about her life, and the very real dangers of cyberbullying. We hope this will help even just one person to hear.
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Weight Loss Scale

Should Chris "Help" His Wife?

Chris made a promise to his wife, and she wants him to follow through. She wants him to post pictures of her in a bikini to motivate her to lose weight. But, he's not sure what he should do. Should Chris Post Bikini Pics of His Wife? This could go sour real fast or he could just bail on the idea...
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Bride and Bridesmaids

Does She REALLY Want to be Maid of Honor?

Renee just got engaged, and she asked her friend Rayne to be a co-maid of honor. She says Rayne isn’t acting like she wants to be maid of honor, so she needs Jeff and Jenn to intervene and find out if Rayne is in it with her. Renee Wonders about Her Maid of Honor Rayne says the other maid of honor...
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Baby Oops!

Uh Oh, He Forgot to Pack the Essentials!

After Reese was diagnosed, she was immediately admitted to the hospital and Jenn stayed with her. She ended up staying the night, so her husband, Grant, brought her a change of clothes the next morning. He packed everything she needed...except her underwear! I Shouldn't Have Trusted My...
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Cotton Balls

What Can't You Touch?

UPDATE: The calls just kept coming in, people really resonated with not being able to touch cotton balls. We had no idea it affected so many people! There were even things like fleece blankets, snow, and rubber bands! More Calls on What You Can't Touch Cotton balls freak you out? You’re...
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Confused Adult

These Grown-Ups Seriously Need Help

Jeff saw a guy at the hospital who needed help doing a simple task. He couldn't take the cotton balls out of a pill bottle because he didn't like the way it felt. He had to ask a nurse to do it for him, and she told Jeff that things like that happen all the time. So, it got Jeff wondering: Are...
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All the Feels

All the Feels - August 11, 2016

Feel like the world's been a bit too selfish lately? These stories of selflessness might be exactly what you need. A struggling mother in Dallas got the surprise of a lifetime from a jeweler when she told him that she needed to sell a gift from her mother because she needed to pay bills. He asked...
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Ghost Hunting

Ghost Hunting for Stephanie

UPDATE: It’s pretty clear after talking to Darren that one of these two isn’t telling the whole story. He says he never got the texts, and even more, he says he didn’t even remember meeting a girl named Stephanie! Talk about an ego killer. Jeff thinks he’s got this one figured out, but Jenn and the...
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All the Feels

All the Feels - August 4, 2016

If you’re an animal lover, PokemonGO player, or aspiring athlete, today’s segment of All the Feels might resonate especially strongly with you! A Scottish contestant of a 7-day Ultra-Marathon through China ended up leaving with more than a medal when a stray dog decided to join alongside on day two...
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Emily and Jenn

Emily is Looking for a Guy!

We were supposed​ to have two more single strangers kissing for Love at First Kiss, but one bailed at the last minute. Bummer! But our girl Emily still came to the studio, and Jeff ended up playing matchmaker with one of our callers who said he'd take her out on a date if she's interested. We...
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