Group Therapy UPDATE: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Ashley's relationship took a nosedive, but it might have been for the best. Problem is, how does she pick herself back up?
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Group Therapy: Should They Stay Or Should They Go

Our listener is staying home with a friend who wants to break quarantine for a family event, how do they handle keeping everyone safe?
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Group Therapy: The Emotional Vampire

Going back to work with the person who sucks all your energy? No thank you.
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Dr. Darria Helps Us Understand Coronavirus COVID-19

Dr. Darria Joins Jenn & Friends to talk Coronavirus

So much has changed in just one week, but ER doctor Dr. Darria is here to answer your questions.
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Australia Needs You

There is SO much we can do to help our friends in Australia. Please check out and share the information below to help. Tattoo For Australian Fire Relief Local Hairstylist Raises Funds for Australian Bushfire Relief Conor McGregor Joins Relief Effort Twitch Streamers Raise Over &200k for...
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How to Help the Bahamas!

If you're looking to do your part in helping the Bahamas, find out how below!
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Group Therapy: It's Hard to Discuss Why I Don't Have Kids

Jenn's friend has a hard time explaining to others why she doesn't have children yet and she needs some advice.
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run down house

Group Therapy: My Neighbor Has a Run Down House

Melinda has a neighbor who does NOT keep up with their home!
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Group Therapy: Someone I Know is Lying to Get Out of Work

Curtis knows somebody who is lying to get out of work for a few weeks!
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Group Therapy: My Job is Ruining My Marriage

Joel just landed his dream job and his wife isn't happy about it.
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