Everyday Heroes: Hawaii Vacation

Jenn found your good news story today!
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Jason Momoa and Pierce Brosnan Bro Out at Lunch in Hawaii

Aquaman and James Bond are buds! Jason Momoa and Pierce Brosnan enjoyed some bonding time in Hawaii over the weekend, according to the Daily Mail. The 66-year-old “Die Another Day” star shared a snap hanging with the Marvel superhero after playing golf together. View this post on Instagram “PV eats...
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Every Day Hero: Local Resident, Bob Cox, is Making Huge Strides in Cancer Research!

We're highlighting a very special every day hero who is dedicating his time to finding a cure for cancer.
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Are You in the Loop? Tuesday, May 28

Everything you need to know, and probably a few things you don't!
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All The Feels: Kyle Pease Foundation

These two Atlanta brothers are proving to us all that anyone can compete.
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Family on the Honeymoon?

Her husband wants 9 members of his family to join the honeymoon....is that okay?
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The Best Big Game Brad Update Yet

Brad got a huge email today! Remember Brad? That guy who might go to the Superbowl the day after his wedding and skip the first day of his honeymoon? Yeah. So he gave us a quick update today.... .....and then the calls came flowing in. I mean, literally overflowing the phonelines. Y'all are...
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I've Been Doing It Wrong My Whole Life

You've been doing it one way your whole life & then you find out you've been doing it all wrong. I've Been Doing It Wrong My Whole Life Part 1 Kelly Cheese had to own up to something she did just the other day. I've Been Doing It Wrong My Whole Life Part 2 Did we just hear that right...
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Producer David Tiara

Producer David is MAD about Miss USA!

Producer David's Super Bowl was over the weekend, the Miss USA Pageant. Miss Georgia was awesome, she got 2nd Runner Up (3rd Place). But, he's not happy with the results. He pulled for Miss Hawaii, but she ended up losing in the very end to Miss District of Columbia. He's a bit bitter. Video of...
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