Gratitudy Fresh & Fruity 10.10.16

It's easy to fall into a case of the Mondays but we won't let that happen to ya! Here's some of our listeners sharing what they're grateful for today and every day. Gratitudy Fresh and Fruity 10.10.16
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We See You Trollin'

It's time for us to channel our inner trolls for another round of 'We See You Trollin!' We See You Trollin 10.06.16.mp3
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Jeff and Jenn's Teachers Only Happy Hour

Jeff and Jenn's Teachers ONLY Happy Hour

Are you a teacher? Are you looking for a great way to end the summer? If you answered yes to both of these, we have the night out you need! Jeff and Jenn want to do something nice and fun for all of you teachers, so we are hosting a TEACHERS ONLY Happy Hour at MadLife Stage & Studios in...
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All the Feels

All the Feels - June 8, 2016

There's a lot of bad news out there so we're over here bringing you the good stuff! Today's edition of All The Feels includes an awesome story about elementary school kids who fought a fire with their water guns & saved a disabled man's life! Plus, listener Jennifer called in and told us that...
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Jeff and Callie

Jeff's Wedding Registry: He Doesn't Get It

Jeff opened up to Jenn today about his take on wedding registries and why he wants to be as excited as his fiance Callie, but he just isn't. He feels bad because he wants to make Callie happy, but he just can't get himself excited about the registry. Jeff Needs Wedding Registry Help We don't think...
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