Ellen Generes and Halloween

Get Ellen’s Last-Minute Kids’ Costume Ideas, from Nicki Minaj vs Cardi B to 'A Star Is Born'

Ellen DeGeneres is always saving the day. She’s thinking outside of the box with creative and very trendy kids’ costumes this year.
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Beyoncé Becomes Toni Braxton For Halloween, And We're Here For It

Tough to "Breathe Again" after seeing her tribute
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Funeral Home Field Trip

Jeff and Jenn took a field trip to a funeral home!
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All The Feels!

Students spent 200 hours making a costume for a girl with a rare mutation!
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DIY Halloween Costumes

Last minute DIY Halloween costumes for you!
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Oh Henry In My Hole!

Can you guess the words we're describing with a candy bar in our mouths?
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Dramatic Readings From The Next Door App

Dramatic readings straight from the Next Door app. Today's readings: Halloween edition! Dramatic Readings From The Next Door App
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In The Loop: October 31. 2018!

Everything you need to know, and probably a few things you don't!
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5 Spooky Cocktails For Your Halloween Party

Step up your Halloween cocktail game with these SPOOKY beverages.
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Rita Ora

The Best Halloween Costumes In Music: See How Rita Ora, Halsey, And More Won Halloween

Before the candy, treat yourself to these celebs going all out
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