All The Feels 11.04.16

There's a lot of bad news out there so we want to bring you the good stuff. All The Feels 11.04.16
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The Switch Witch

Ever wish you could talk your kids into trading in their sugar filled Halloween candy? Check this out. The Switch Witch How funny was that last call from Amanda?! "Candy for everyone!" Lol.
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The Best & Worst Last Minute Costumes

It's Halloween and you don't have a costume, uh oh. Time to get creative! Our listeners shared some of their "creative" costume ideas with us this morning. The Best & Worst Last Minute Costumes And then Jenn a little last minute costume crisis of her own. Jenns Last Minute Costume Crisis
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Who Celebrates Halloween Early?

Jeff and Jenn mentioned people celebrating Halloween on Saturday night instead of the actual day it falls on (Monday) which sounds obsurd, right?! Not to one of our listeners. She was fired up! Who Celebrates Halloween Early?
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Meet Brian, the Defender of Clowns.

After hearing a story Jenn told about the 'clown craze' going on we got a call from a guy named Brian who wanted to let us know that not all clowns are bad people. Meet Brian, the Defender of Clowns. Alrighty. Well. That was interesting.
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First Kiss

#TBT: Our First Makeout Songs!

In honor of Throwback Thursday (#TBT), we decided to share the song that played the first time each of us ever made out! Jeff’s first make out song came from a mixed tape he was given, it was “Blame It On the Rain” by Milli Vanilli. Producer David’s first make out was to the theme of Halloween...
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