Is Jeff Gross?

Jeff has an odd habit while he cooks that his wife thinks is DISGUSTING. Whose side are you on?
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Comfort In Numbers: Cringey Coworkers

Who keeps their poop in the break room fridge?
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Why Does Jeff Hate Low Country Boils?

Low country boils: delicious or disgusting?
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Comfort in Numbers: Kelly's Been Banned

Her story is DISGUSTING, but absolutely hilarious. And she's not the only one who's been banned from somewhere.
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Are Jeff and Jenn Gross?

Jeff and Jenn need some comfort in numbers after Jenn's Husband called them both gross.
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#ParentingForReal: What My Kids Ate

Kids will put the GROSSEST stuff in their mouths.
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Wheel of Pregnancy Cravings: Week 4

This week, some lucky duckling is eating a vanilla ice cream cone with nacho cheese drizzled on top. YUM.
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Love & Disorder: Jenn's Toothbrush Dilemma

Jenn's in a dilemma at home because her husband Grant is doing something she thinks is so gross. Love & Disorder: Jenn's Toothbrush Dilemma Are you Team Jenn or Team Grant?...
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Cotton Balls

What Can't You Touch?

UPDATE: The calls just kept coming in, people really resonated with not being able to touch cotton balls. We had no idea it affected so many people! There were even things like fleece blankets, snow, and rubber bands! More Calls on What You Can't Touch Cotton balls freak you out? You’re not...
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Jeff Grossed Out by Jenn

Jenn Tries to Gross out Jeff

Jenn handed a little container to Jeff this morning with her dogs teeth in it! What, why did she have her dog's teeth ?! Gross! Jenn had to bring her dog, Caroline, to the vet to get her teeth cleaned and the vet took out some of her teeth that needed to be removed. Well, apparently people like...
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