Jeff's Awkward Story

The king of awkward strikes again!
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Where Do You Hide When You Need A Break?

Between kids, family, and work, where do you go to get away from it all?
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I Was So Broke I...

JP mentioned he was once so broke he bathed with dish soap, Jenn told us an alternative use she had for coffee filters & then our listeners poured in with their "I was so broke I...." stories. I Was So Broke I... Part 1 Pretty sure our last caller Morgan was the best of the day. I Was So Broke...
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Jenn's Note

Jenn's Note: Creepy or Sweet?

On the way out of the grocery store yesterday Jenn found a note on her car complimenting her smile, how sweet! Or wait, is it creepy? Jeff definitely thinks it's creepy and tried to explain why but Jenn still thinks it's sweet. Jenn's Note: Creepy or Sweet? Our listeners called in and we...
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