A South Cobb Love Story

Love finds you when you least expect it!
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DragonCon 2018

Star 94.1's DragonCon VIP Viewing Party 2018!

Stormtroopers, Darth Vaders, robots, zombies, Ghostbusters, and every superhero ever created... Oh, and Producer Jeannine... they ALL gathered downtown Atlanta on Saturday morning, lined up and marched right down Peachtree St in the DragonCon parade! In front of several hundred thousand people.....
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How To Sneak Snacks

JP should be eating healthy for his wedding, but that's just not happening. Instead he needs your advice for hiding snacks.
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Summertime Resolutions

We've given each other summer resolutions to do every day, and from funny to heartfelt it might inspire you to do do the same.
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Where is This Relationship Going

Where is This Relationship Going: With Jenna and Grant

Talk about being on two totally different pages...
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How Jenn Almost Ruined the Proposal

Jenn told us all about the day Grant proposed & how she almost ruined it completely. How Jenn Almost Ruined the Proposal
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Jeff & Jenn Talk About Marriage

Jeff and Jenn opened up this morning and talk about the ups, the downs, and what marriage really means to them. Jeff and Jenn Talk Marriage
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Little Lauren Wants To Be A Princess

Jenn's all about her daughter Lauren wanting to be a Princess & wearing all the girly things but her hubby Grant isn't so sure he's in to it. Lauren Princess Team Jenn Team Grant Our callers were on Team Jenn & letting Team Grant know a Princess can be powerful! Lauren Princess CALLS Team...
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Baby Oops!

Uh Oh, He Forgot to Pack the Essentials!

After Reese was diagnosed, she was immediately admitted to the hospital and Jenn stayed with her. She ended up staying the night, so her husband, Grant, brought her a change of clothes the next morning. He packed everything she needed...except her underwear! I Shouldn't Have Trusted My...
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Reese is Home!

It was a good weekend for Reese, she is home and she responded well to the first week of chemo treatments. Jeff said he visited them every day but one day, and Jenn and Reese were both great the entire week. Jenn will be able to give updates herself because she will be back in the studio with us...
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