How to Properly Clean and Disinfect Your Glasses During the Pandemic

Glasses are our first line of defense against germs and other particles, and though we touch them frequently, we don’t clean them as much as we should. Read on to find out how you should disinfect your lenses and glasses.
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Everyday Heroes: Local Fire Department Helps One of Their Own

Jenn's everyday hero is a group of local firemen who helped one of their own! The Douglas County fire department realized one of their own, Spencer Caradine, was color blind! He said he never realized it before now, He said that when his coworker told him to look at a red barn... he couldn't see it...
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In The Loop: October 16th, 2018

Hurricane Michael may have broken us down, but it is bringing us closer!
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The Most Superficial Reason You Dumped Someone

After Jenn told us she dumped someone because he smelled like pickles we had to know, what is the most superficial reason you've dumped someone? The Most Superficial Reason You Dumped Someone Part 1 Just wait until you hear about the mullet. The Most Superficial Reason You Dumped Someone Part 2 Oh...
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Jenn Glasses

Jenn Wants Glasses!

Jenn's heading to the eye doctor today and says she WANTS the doctor to tell her she needs glasses. Wait, is this normal? Do people actually WANT glasses? Jenn told us most of her friends who wear glasses hate it, but she still wants them. We know she'll look adorable but does she know what she's...
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