Did she go too far?

They've only been together 2 months, and he's not even a father! Was a gift and a card too far?
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Jeff's Wedding Gift Dilemma

Jeff needs our help. He tried to help ease his wife's workload but ended up making things worse.
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A Thoughtful Gift Gone Wrong

Her V-Day gift from him was based on their first date out, but she doesn't remember ever going there.
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David Had a "Unique" Gift for His Girlfriend

We had a listener who we now know as "Tattoo David" who called in and told us about a unique gift he got his girlfriend for Christmas. Meet David. David Has A Unique Gift for His Girlfriend None of us knew how David's girlfriend or the family would react but we knew we had to catch up with him...
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Bad Gift

Worthless Gifts...Um Thanks for Nothing

Ever been given a worthless gift? Like the time Donald Trump gave Charlie Sheen an early wedding gift he called his, "platinum diamond Harry Winston cufflinks." Years later while getting his jewelry appraised, Sheen found out the cufflinks were a total fake! In fact, the appraiser said they were "...
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Mother's Day

Mother's Day Emergency: Last Minute Gift Ideas

Jeff is in a bind and has no idea what to do. He has let this week go past him without getting his mom a gift for Mother's Day! So he needs help, we got our listeners to give him some ideas on what to send her since she lives in an entirely different state. Emergency Gift Ideas Jeff thought he...
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