Ghost Hunting: Why Can't We Be Friends?

Are you allowed to remain friends with your sibling's ex after they break up? That is the dilemma Lindsey is in. Her brother had an awesome girlfriend named Kelly, and Lindsey really liked her. But after they broke up, Kelly and Lindsey stopped hanging out. Update 2: We tell Lindsey how Kelly feels...
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Ghosthunting - Josh & Rebecca

Ghost Hunting: Josh Wants to Find Old Flame Rebecca

While on a break with his wife, Josh met Rebecca. They dated, had a special relationship, & Josh even says Rebecca HELPED him get back together with his wife. Then, Rebecca disappeared & Josh feels like she used him. Josh says they had a special connection & wants to know why she hasn’t...
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Bad Date

Ghost Hunting: Listeners Decide if Carrie or Darren is Right

Carrie called in for Jenn's ghosthunting help because she felt ghosted by Darren after their first date. Darren said he ghosted Carrie because her adult brother lives with her, but Carrie says that's his own issue. Our listeners called in with a clear opinion on who they feel is in the wrong and...
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Coffee Date

Ghost Hunting: Carrie Reacts to Darren's Reason for Ghosting

Carrie felt like she was ghosted by Darren after their first date. She thought the date went really well, but she hasn't heard from him since their date. Jenn is our resident ghost hunter, and got Darren to explain why he ghosted. He felt it was weird that Carrie's adult brother lives with her, but...
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First Date Awkwardness

Ghost Hunting: Darren Talks about His First Date with Carrie

Carrie felt like she was ghosted by Darren after their first date. She thought the date went really well, and Darren even kissed her after the date. But, she hasn't heard from him since their date. Jenn is our ghost hunter, and she hunted Darren down and got his side of how the date went. He felt...
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First Date

Ghost Hunting: Carrie's First Date with Darren

Carrie wants to put Jenn's ghost hunting skills to use. She went out on a date with Darren, and she thought they had a great time. He even leaned in to kiss her when the date was over. But since the first date, she hasn't heard from him and is wondering what went wrong. So, we put Jenn on the case!
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Couple Mad

Ghost Hunting: Heather Reacts to Jenn's Results

Jenn was able to find Heather's divorced friend that ghosted Heather and her husband, and Jenn talked with him over the phone. She played back the conversation to Heather, and Heather was able to get a bit of closure.
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Ghost Hunting Update: Jenn Found Heather's Divorced Neighbor!

Heather reached out to Jenn because she felt ghosted by her neighbor. She and her husband were great friends with their neighbors until the neighbors got a divorce. The husband in that relationship just disappeared and the former wife won't tell Heather anything because she hasn't spoken to him...
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Ghost Hunting: Divorced Friends Disappeared!

Heather called in wanting Jenn to be her Ghost Hunter. Heather and her husband had a couple that were their neighbors, and the four of them became great friends. One day, the couple came to them telling Heather and her hubby that they were getting a divorce. They tried to be as supportive as they...
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Jenn Ghost Hunts for Mattie's Former Coworker!

Mattie needs Jenn's help in ghost hunting for a former coworker. Mattie's best work friend went to lunch one day and then never came back, and she doesn't know what happened to her. Mattie suspects she left because there were rumors she was dating someone else in the office, but she never got the...
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