Confess Your Crush: Eve and Trent

Sometimes love, always awkward...
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Confess Your Crush: Emily and Michael

This one takes the most unexpected turn!
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Ghosthunting: Kimberly and Scott

They went on one date and he won't call her back. She says he MUST be gay...
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The VaJury: Roommate Relations

Chad's worried about his wife's girls trip because she's rooming with her BFF who just came out as a lesbian.
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Two Truths and A Lie: Round 2

Did Jeff not know what nail clippers were until COLLEGE?
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David Vigil

Producer David: We are United

I am at such a loss for words because this devastating attack hits so close to home. There are 50 people dead because of pure hatred. This is a terrorism act and hate crime - not only because this guy is involved with ISIS, but because he massacred 50 people for simply being themselves - because of...
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Pray for Orlando

Talking Out the Orlando Massacre on the Jeff and Jenn Show

Here's the deal with the Jeff and Jenn Show today: If you want hard news, graphic details, to-the-minute updates ... that wasn't us today. If you want discussions on gun control, borders, religion, candidates, the Constitution and laws ... that wasn't us today. If you want to completely ignore what...
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Gay Best Friend

Should You Change in Front of Your GBF?

Kim called Jeff & Jenn to ask for advice about her new gay friend, Eric, she met in a cooking class. Kim said they hit it off right away and he even dolled her up for a date with her husband. Her hubby was oooohing and ahhhing over how stunning she looked, until Kim told him her new gay besty,...
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