That's What She Said

Play along with our new radio game! I mean, who doesn't want to hear Jeff's sexy feminine voice?
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Jimmy Fallon's Whisper Game

The Jeff & Jenn Show plays a couple rounds of Jimmy Fallon's fav new lip-reading game
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Big Game Brad: Did He Talk to His Wife-to-be?

Brad came to us in a bit of a pickle: He might have the chance to go see his all-time favorite team play in Houston! But it's the first day of his Honeymoon. Does he ask his soon-to-be wife if it's alright? Preettyyy risky there, Brad. So he asked for your help! He's back to tell us how it went.
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What Are Your Sports Superstitions?

As the Falcons head to the NFL Conference Championships this Sunday in Atlanta we couldn't help but wonder, what are some of your sports superstions? What Are Your Sports Superstitions?
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Hook Up or Hang Up: Anna & Austin

Meet Anna. She wanted to be a part of our next hook up or hang up & hopefully find a date for this weekend. Hook Up or Hang Up Anna and Austin Part 1 Time for Anna to meet Austin & for the two of them to ask each other three questions. Hook Up or Hang Up Anna and Austin Part 2 Those were...
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Hook Up or Hang Up: Leslie & Jeff

We've got two people ready to either Hook Up or Hang Up. Meet Leslie. Hook Up or Hang Up Meet Leslie Now it's time for Leslie to meet Jeff and they'll ask each other three questions. Hook Up or Hang Up Leslie Meets Jeff Let's see if Leslie and Jeff will decide to Hook Up or Hang up. Fingers crossed...
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Inspiring Posts Ruined by Internet Trolls

We scoured the internet for some inspiring quotes totally ruined by a comment from an internet troll. Our listeners had to guess what was said for some Brunch All Night tickets. These are gold! Brunch All Night Game
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Donald Trump

David About Town: Who Said It, Donald Trump or Kanye West?

This weeks edition of David About Town is all about Donald Trump VS. Kanye West - who said it?! Producer David went out and quoted both of the guys and people had to try and guess which one said what. Surprisingly, it's hard to differentiate between Kanye & Trump. Did I say surprisingly?! Wait...
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Pokemon Go

Jeff's Pokemon Go Conspiracy Theory

Jeff Is really into Pokémon Go, but the other day he came across a conspiracy and it's freaking him out. The theory is that the company who created the app is looking for ways to collect images and data from American citizens for some (in Jeff's mind) nefarious reasoning. Could this be true?!?!...
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Jenn In Studio

Jeff's Reverse Game

Jeff had a fun idea for game this morning that totally threw Jenn off guard! He had Producer Kelly Cheese say simple phrases, like what you say when you're asking for a hotel room, and then he put it down, flipped it, & reverse it -- Missy Elliot style! So, where we going with this? Well, Jenn...
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