Gambling Sites Are Taking Bets on How Many People Get COVID-19

Would you put down money to guess how many people get coronavirus? Several illegal gambling sites are taking bets on how many people are getting COVID-19.
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Missed the Mark: Solo Vegas Trip

Mark is going to Vegas alone and needs to know if that's okay to do!
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What's The Word, Nerd?

Today's talk is all about counting cards...
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Ex Impersonations

Give us your ex's name and why you broke up and we'll do a spot-on impersonation of them.
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Kentucky Derby

Our Own Kentucky Derby

The Powerball is up to $415 million this weekend, so we did our own bets on the Jeff and Jenn Show. Jeff said that whoever chose the right horse to win the Kentucky Derby, or get 2nd or 3rd, he will get them a Powerball ticket and $25. Jenn chose the horse with the best odds with Nyquist at 3-1,...
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