Ask Alexa: Quarantine, Meeting Neighbors, and Wearing Masks

How does our Alexa with attitude feel about our lives in quarantine? Salty, as usual.
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Mark's Secret Talent

Just 30 second of random questions and Mark will guess what car you drive!
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2 Second Tunes: Friends

Can you guess a song after hearing only 2 seconds of it? Here's a hint: They're all songs about friends!
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Quarantine Couple's Court: Work-Out Buddies

What do you do when your only "me" time becomes "bonding" time?
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Curtis Under Quarantine: I've Eaten Everything

With all his time inside, Curtis has made another Quarantine song! This week was inspired by Ariana herself.
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Curtis on the Corner: Doggy Con

Curtis caught up with people and their pets at doggy con this weekend!
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Curtis on the Corner: John Mayer or Tinder Profile?

This one's harder than you think!
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Back to Class!

See if you can answer these basic test questions!
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Texts From Your Ex

What do you do when you get these awkward texts from your ex?
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Curtis on the Corner: Wishing for Compliments

40% of adults wish they had more... what?
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