Group Therapy: The Accidental Text UPDATE

To summarize: Mark tried to fix things but made everything worse, and then he got lectured by an angry friend!
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2 Second Tunes: Friends

Can you guess a song after hearing only 2 seconds of it? Here's a hint: They're all songs about friends!
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Daily Inspo: The Different Types of Friends

Which friend are you?
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Daily Inspo: Kenni Strong

This little warrior BEAT cancer!
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Daily Inspo: It's Okay to Ask for Help

This week's daily inspo is all about friendship. And it's okay to ask for help!
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Jenn's Friend Changed Her Life

Jenn had a life-changing dinner last night.
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It's Not Your Day!

Jeff's friend is about to make a HUGE surprise her best friend's wedding!
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Ghosthunting: Ali and Faith

Ali and Faith have been friends for over a year, but now they don't talk!
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Confess Your Crush: Kyle and Jamie

Risky moves there, Kyle... He's about to confess to someone in the friend group!
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Setting A "Boobie" Trap

J9's friend has a crazy plan to help save their friend from a bad marriage. But is it too much?
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