Daily Inspo: The Different Types of Friends

Which friend are you?
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Daily Inspo: Kenni Strong

This little warrior BEAT cancer!
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Daily Inspo: It's Okay to Ask for Help

This week's daily inspo is all about friendship. And it's okay to ask for help!
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Jenn's Friend Changed Her Life

Jenn had a life-changing dinner last night.
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It's Not Your Day!

Jeff's friend is about to make a HUGE surprise her best friend's wedding!
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Ghosthunting: Ali and Faith

Ali and Faith have been friends for over a year, but now they don't talk!
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Confess Your Crush: Kyle and Jamie

Risky moves there, Kyle... He's about to confess to someone in the friend group!
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Setting A "Boobie" Trap

J9's friend has a crazy plan to help save their friend from a bad marriage. But is it too much?
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Selfie on a Date

Allie Finds Out if Drew Wants Out of the Friend Zone

It’s a special edition of Where is This Relationship Going because we’ve been talking to Allie and she thinks her friend, Drew, is trying to get out of the friend zone. She wanted to know for sure if Drew was really interested in her, so Jeff had the idea to call Drew and ask him where the...
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Friend Zone

Can a Guy Get Out of the Friend Zone?

UPDATE: Looks like Allie's down for Jeff's idea. Time to see where this relationship is going with Allie and Drew. Stay tuned, we're finding out all the details from Drew tomorrow! Allie is Game for Where is This Relationship Going! Does Allie really want her bestie to escape the friend zone or is...
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