Ghost Hunting: Cassidy & Carolyn

Cassidy wanted us to go Ghost Hunting for her old roomate Carolyn. Ghost Hunting Cassidy & Carolyn Part 1 Seems like Carolyn might have taken a few things that weren't hers. Let's see what she has to say. Ghost Hunting Cassidy & Carolyn Part 2 Ouch. Ghost Hunting Cassidy & Carolyn Part 3
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Gratitudy Fresh & Fruity 12.12.16

Got a case of the Monday's? We won't let that happen to ya! It's time to tell us what you're feeling grateful for. Gratitudy Fresh & Fruity 12.12.16
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Why Do We Rewatch Entire Show Seasons?

When Jeff's wife Callie told him she's rewatched the entire Gossip Girl series a few times he couldn't understand why anyone would rewatch entire series they've already seen. Why Do We Rewatch Entire Show Series?
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That's a REALLY Big Secret

Jenn had a friend who disappeared for 20 years and she just found out why her friend vanished. That's a REALLY Big Secret Then our listeners called in and the last one we spoke to shocked us all. That's a REALLY Big Secret Part 2...
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Where Is This Relationship Going: Becca & Ellen

Becca called us with a different kind of question for Where Is This Relationship Going? Where Is This Relationship Going: Becca and Ellen Part 1 Definitely different than usual but still just as awkward. We called Ellen to see how she'd respond to Becca's question. Where Is This Relationship Going...
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Ghost Hunting: Lindsey & Kelly

Lindsey told us about brother's ex-girlfriend Kelly who she was friends with while the two were dating. Ghost Hunting Lindsey and Kelly Part 1 Think they could rekindle the friendship? We talked to Kelly to see if she's interested in linking back up with Lindsey. Ghosthunting Lindsey and Kelly Part...
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Meet Julie. Her ex-husband is in a 'situation' and she needs your help. Love & Disorder: Meet Julie
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Producer David and Pageant Queens

David About Town: Pageant Queens Talk about Summer

Producer David went to the Miss Georgia Pageant in Columbus last weekend, so he talked to pageant queens and wanted to get some of their advice. With summer just getting started, he got tips from those pageant queens competing at Miss Georgia on what to do when going to the pool or going out this...
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Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton

Elephant in the Room: Can We Still be Friends?

With the Presidential Race going on, have Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton decided to put their friendship on hold? They have been friends for a while, but clearly there’s an elephant in the room. It’s only right they put their friendship on hold until the campaign end. But how will that play out?...
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Dumb Friend

My Friend Is So Dumb

We all have that one friend who is a little special. Ya know, the one who asks how old their birth certificate is or the one who asks how long it takes to microwave minute rice. To put it bluntly, they're dumb. But it's ok because we love them anyway. My Friend is So Dumb Check out what some of our...
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