New Boobs

Booby Talk: How to Address New Boobs

When your friend gets new glasses or a new haircut you talk about it, right? What about when your friend gets a boob job, do you acknowledge it? Some callers say you don't say anything and our favorite caller said, "Yea! Talk about it! Ask to touch them!" We agree. Let's talk about it! Boob Job:...
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Dumb Friend

My Friend Is So Dumb

We all have that one friend who is a little special. Ya know, the one who asks how old their birth certificate is or the one who asks how long it takes to microwave minute rice. To put it bluntly, they're dumb. But it's ok because we love them anyway. My Friend is So Dumb Check out what some of our...
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Erin in Now an Insta-cougar!

It's always awkward when you accidentally 'like' a picture on Instagram, am I right? What about when it's 34 weeks back, you've been casually instagram stalking the guy, he's shirtlesss, and -oh yea- he's your sons friend?!?! Our cougar listener Erin gives us the scoop on their "innocent"...
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Ghost Hunting: Why Can't We Be Friends?

Are you allowed to remain friends with your sibling's ex after they break up? That is the dilemma Lindsey is in. Her brother had an awesome girlfriend named Kelly, and Lindsey really liked her. But after they broke up, Kelly and Lindsey stopped hanging out. Update 2: We tell Lindsey how Kelly feels...
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Sign to Change

I Should Have Listened to the Signs: Amanda Calls In

Jenn talked about how her friend said there were several signs that she shouldn't get married, and our listeners called in with their own stories. One listener, Amanda, talked about seeing signs right now with her current boyfriend. She is still in the relationship and it's not too late for her to...
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Nervous Bride

I Should Have Listened to the Signs!

Jenn talks about how her friend said there were several signs that she shouldn't get married. She had a panic attack at her bridal shower, she broke out in hives after the rehearsal dinner, their trolley broke down, and the lights went out at the church. But she still got married! Jenn said her...
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Couple Mad

Ghost Hunting: Heather Reacts to Jenn's Results

Jenn was able to find Heather's divorced friend that ghosted Heather and her husband, and Jenn talked with him over the phone. She played back the conversation to Heather, and Heather was able to get a bit of closure.
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Ghost Hunting Update: Jenn Found Heather's Divorced Neighbor!

Heather reached out to Jenn because she felt ghosted by her neighbor. She and her husband were great friends with their neighbors until the neighbors got a divorce. The husband in that relationship just disappeared and the former wife won't tell Heather anything because she hasn't spoken to him...
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Ghost Hunting: Divorced Friends Disappeared!

Heather called in wanting Jenn to be her Ghost Hunter. Heather and her husband had a couple that were their neighbors, and the four of them became great friends. One day, the couple came to them telling Heather and her hubby that they were getting a divorce. They tried to be as supportive as they...
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Holding Hands

Tabitha Breaks Up with Her Boyfriend!

Tabitha had talked to us about how she suspected her boyfriend was cheating on her with her best friend because they hung out together on a weekend when she was out of town. Even though they told her about it ahead of time, her women's intuition was telling her that this was not a good situation...
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