STAR 94.1 FITNESS PASS - 8 Gyms, 3 Classes each, 1 Low Price

If you're looking to get in shape for Summer 2018, but you don't want the commitment of a gym membership just yet -- check out the Star 94.1 Fitness Pass! This Star 94.1 Fitness Pass is good for three classes at 8 different gyms and fitness facilities, for one low price! Those 24 classes could cost...
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Goat Yoga - The Fitness Latest Trend That's Too Adorable Not to Try

There have been a lot of interesting fitness trends lately. In fact, I recently attended a Craft Beer Yoga class. Come for the fitness, stay for the beer! Sure, why not? Goats are cute. Baby Goats are even cuter. I mean look at them in the video below. GOAT PARKOUR IS LIT----
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