The VaJury: Date Night Ditch

The VaJury faces the case a man who ditched his wife on date night to help his mother. Will they side with him?
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Hank Denson Reviews The Bachelorette

Comedian Hank Denson joins us again for another hilarious review of last night's episode of The Bachelorette.
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Jeff's (Almost) Fist Fight

He's usually so easy going...
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Reese in Crib

To Honor Reese’s Fight: A Letter from Jenn & Grant

Jenn Hobby Many of you have asked what you can do for Jenn and her family as they fight to beat Reese's cancer. Here’s a personal letter from Jenn and Grant. Jenn Hobby Dear friend and Star 94.1 family member, As Grant and I have wrestled with the reality of Reese’s cancer diagnosis, we’ve also...
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Reese is Home!

It was a good weekend for Reese, she is home and she responded well to the first week of chemo treatments. Jeff said he visited them every day but one day, and Jenn and Reese were both great the entire week. Jenn will be able to give updates herself because she will be back in the studio with us...
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Jenn and Daughters

Jenn Gives an Update on Reese's Journey to Beat Cancer

Jenn was able to join the show for a short time to update us on Reese’s battle to beat cancer. She explains that currently they know that there’s a plum-sized Germ-cell tumor in her abdomen, and they’re awaiting results from the biopsy to know what exactly is inside. Reese began chemo and will be...
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Reese Day 1

Reese Beating Cancer - Day 1

Just a quick update on Reese, last night was officially Day 1 on her journey to beat cancer. The doctors started her on chemo to shrink the tumor, which is a good sign that they were confident enough to start chemo before getting the results back from her biopsy. She has now taken the first steps...
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Jeff and Callie's First Wedding Fight

Jeff and his fiancée Callie thought their cool and collected approach to wedding planning would get them to the big day without any arguing. They’ve been doing surprisingly well too…until this weekend. With the wedding date hanging just over the horizon, it’s no surprise that something very tiny...
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Scott Bachelorette

Scott Trask's Bachelorette Review - The Men Tell ALL...well Mainly Chad

Scott Trask is back with us again today because it was a double dose this week! JoJo first narrowed in down to two guys, and then the rest of the guys got together for the always entertaining Men Tell All special. And surprise surprise, it was ALL about Chad. The guys kept bashing Chad, Nick wanted...
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Angry Bunny Brawl

Video of Wild Rabbits FIGHT!
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