Start your week off with gratitude!
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A Ghosthunting Request: Shea and Tristan

Shea's sister's ex-fiance completely ghosted and blocked the whole family. What's up with that?
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The Update on Dumpster Fire Dana

Dana's back to tell us how her weekend went!
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JP & Heidi Choose A Wedding Hashtag!

We asked YOU to help our director JP & his fiance Heidi come up with a wedding hashtag & today they revealed the winner!
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The Best Wedding Advice for Jeff & Callie

The soon-to-be newlyweds need to know, what's the best wedding advice you can give them? Best Wedding Day Advice You've Ever Received Part 1 Great advice, Jenn! Lets see what wise words our listeners have for Jeff & Callie. Best Wedding Day Advice You Ever Received Part 2...
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T-Minus 30 Days Until Jeff & Callie Say "I Do!"

Jeff & Callie are officially 30 days away from their wedding and Jeff wants to know what could possibly go wrong?! 30 Days Til The Big Day These callers certainly didn't ease Jeff's nerves. 30 Days Til The Big Day CALLS Well, that went well. Good luck Jeff!
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Where Is This Relationship Going?

Zack called us wanting to know where his relationship with his fiance Whitney is going. Wait, what?! WITRG 1 09.22.16 Maybe Whitney's getting cold feet? We talked to her to figure out what was up. WITRG 2 09.22.16 Ok, so Whitney's reason isn't a bad thing. Right? WITRG 3 09.22.16
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Break Up

You Broke His Stuff BUT Are You Still Together?

What’s the best way to prove your point? Relationships have drama and sometimes that makes it harder to prove your point. Breaking your significant other favorite item will get their attention for sure. Lindsay Lohan just threw her fiance's phone into the water after getting mad, and that started...
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Spouse Performance Review

Spousal Performance Review

UPDATE: Jenn got her Spousal Performance results & Jeff read them out to her this morning. Jenn learned how much Grant appreciates what she does for their FFO's (fun family outings!) and told her to stop worrying about his toenails. Ha! Too cute! Hear Jenn's full review right here: Jenn's...
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