I Gotta Fake I.D

Can you remember all the details on your fake I.D?
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Frivolous Lawsuits: Real or Fake?

These are the craziest lawsuits ever! But are they all real?
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How Are You Faking Perfection?

These stories of faked perfection will make you feel SO much better about yourself.
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Create Your Own "Ad"

These listener-written ads are hilarious! Inspired by a woman selling her wedding dress after her divorce, Jeff asked listeners to come up with ads for what they wish they could kick to the curb. Like that old guitar you tried so hard to be good at, or that Political Science Degree that can double...
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Bad Gift

Worthless Gifts...Um Thanks for Nothing

Ever been given a worthless gift? Like the time Donald Trump gave Charlie Sheen an early wedding gift he called his, "platinum diamond Harry Winston cufflinks." Years later while getting his jewelry appraised, Sheen found out the cufflinks were a total fake! In fact, the appraiser said they were "...
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