Too Easy To Fail?

Ever think a class was gonna be SO easy, but you ended up almost failing? These guys sure did!
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"Romantic" Injuries

When your attempt to "set the mood" totally fails and ends with an ice pack instead.
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My Kid's Gonna Fail College

We hoped nobody would call for this, but Laura proved us wrong and so much more.
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It's 60 Second Story Time!

We've got 60 seconds to tell a great story from our weekend but if the buzzer goes off twice it's done! Producer Jeannine topped the cake with her last minute comment this morning. 60 Second Story Time 09.26.16
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50 Shades of FAIL.

The preview for the new 50 Shades Darker movie came out and it's already been viewed over 140 MILLION times! It got us thinking about the times we tried to be Anastasia Steele but turned out more like Kristen Wiig. Jenn & Kelly Cheese shared their 50 Shades of Fail stories first. 50 Shades of...
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Bad Date

He Tried So Hard...But He FAILED

You can tell your date wanted to pull off something great, but darn if it didn’t just backfire so completely that you had to call in and tell the story. In fact, a lot of these sound more like the beginning of a horror flick than a date! Moral of the story? If you want to take someone hiking, tell...
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