Is Jenn Getting A Puppy?!

We sure hope so! Her husband isn't on board (yet) but this little guy needs a home and Jenn knows her daughter would love it.
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You Can Ignore that Warning About Jayden K Smith on Facebook

If you've been on Facebook today, you may have seen some people talking about Jayden K. Smith. Never heard of him? Don't worry about it. You may have received a message warning you not to accept a friend request from someone by the name of Jayden K. Smith because it will allow this person or people...
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We See You Trollin'

How do you handle the trolls of the internet? By putting on our hater hats and out-trolling the trolls.
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Watermelon Dress: The Latest Instagram Trend You Just Need To See

It's trending, and we cannot wait for the weekend to try it ourselves. Have you seen it happening yet? It's trendy now to post images of yourself wearing a "watermelon dress." The catch is that the dress is literally just an ACTUAL watermelon slice. The person being photographed stands far enough...
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