Bees eating her tears

Tiny bees living in her face!

Umm... Is this real? They found bees living in her eye lids. AND they were eating her tears!
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What Got In Your Eye?

Intern Rachel got TOOTHPASTE in her eye one time.
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What The Florida

These criminals from Jenn's home state may not be too clever, but they sure make for a great story.
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Jeff's Kentucky Derby Joke

Jeff made a joke after the Kentucky Derby and the internet went a little nuts
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Why'd You Go To The Doctor?

What totally embarrassing thing did you have to take a trip to the doctor for?
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Jenn Glasses

Jenn Wants Glasses!

Jenn's heading to the eye doctor today and says she WANTS the doctor to tell her she needs glasses. Wait, is this normal? Do people actually WANT glasses? Jenn told us most of her friends who wear glasses hate it, but she still wants them. We know she'll look adorable but does she know what she's...
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