EXCLUSIVE: After 8 GRAMMY Nominations, Is a Lizzo and BTS Collaboration Up Next?

Wednesday morning was “Good as Hell” for Lizzo , who leads all other artists with eight nominations for the 2020 GRAMMY Awards. The self-love star scored a nod in the top four categories and beyond, making her the biggest story on the way to music’s biggest night. “This has been an incredible year...
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EXCLUSIVE: Marshmello Reveals Ninja's Ice Cream Costume on 'The Masked Singer' Was His Idea

Happy Mell-O-Ween everybody. Marshmello is celebrating with us, putting his knowledge to the test for a special round of “True Or False.” We threw everything we had at the EDM star, asking him about candy, the solar system, and tacos. Most importantly though, the “ Happier ” producer confirmed a...
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Where Is This Relationship Going: Jack & Kate

We talked to Jack who wanted us to call Kate, a girl he's been dating for a little while, to see where their relationship is going. Where Is This Relationship Going: Jack & Kate Part 1 We called Karen to see if she was ready to be exclusive with Jack. Where Is This Relationship Going: Jack...
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Love Triangle

Where is This Relationship Going – Jackson and Julia

Usually it’s a woman asking about her relationship with her boyfriend, but this week the tables are turned. Jackson is calling in wondering what’s going on in his relationship with his girlfriend of 6 months, Julia. He has said “I love you”, but she will not say it back. He doesn’t understand why...
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Awkward Couple

Where is this Relationship Going: Kelly and Troy Together for a Month!

Kelly met a guy named Troy at church. They’re exclusive for a month after knowing each other for three months. They both want to get married and have the same values and beliefs, so she wants to know if they are on the same timeline because she is 25 and wants to have two kids by 28. So after only...
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