What is HAPPENING In This Video?

Jenn received a video from a listener and asked us to guess what was happening in it!
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Jeff's Email Mishap

Jeff reallllly messed up this time!
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Jenn's Controversial Auto-Reply

Jenn's wants to avoid sifting through holiday e-mails.
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Helping Teacher: Should This Student Pass?

One new Teacher needs help! They discovered something about one struggling student's home life and has to decide what to do.
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Don't Badmouth Trivia Night

Someone's calling for a boycott of the Jeff & Jenn Show after Jeff dissed trivia night, and we've got their angry email to prove it.
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The Weirdest Request EVER

Uhmm, what exactly do you want Kelly Cheese to do again?
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Jeff's Old 'Friend' Wants To Visit

Jeff got a HUGE compliment from someone...but then realized it's the same person who shut the door in his face years ago. How should we reply?
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Email Etiquette Violations

WHY are you wasting everyone's time?! We're not alone with office struggles like these, are we?
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Jeff is Getting Dumpster Emails from His Neighbor

We all have THAT person in our neighborhood who takes the neighborhood watch a little too seriously. There's a man in Jeff's complex who has become the self-appointed dumpster king. He has sent multiple emails about specific items being thrown in the dumpster...very specific items. Jeff's...
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Corporate Speak

Jeff's Corporate Email Response to His Boss

You guys did it! You gave us enough corporate jargon to write an entire email back to our boss Tony filled with it. Here's how it started but if you want to hear the full thing you'll have to listen to Jeff's delivery. It's radio gold. Hey Tony, Just wanted to buzz the tower about our back-and-...
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