Confess Your Crush: Amy and Paul

UPDATE: They went on a date! UPDATE: Confess Your Crush: Amy and Paul Paul and Amy met when Paul built a chair for Amy's dog so it could sit at the table and eat with her. Now she's confessing her crush to him!
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Bridesmaid's Bleep Line

"I'm just surprised I didn't pass out on the dance floor!"
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Talk Foodie To Me: The Brunch All Night Edition

Hear all about the DELICIOUS food we'll have at Brunch All Night this weekend!
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Gold Medal

I Can Win the Gold!

We posed the question, what special event would you win the gold medal in. So, fill in the blank. Hi, my name is ______ , and I could win a gold medal in ______.​ Jenn's a gold medal Olympian in the overuse of paper towels, but Jeff would compete for that medal because he does the same thing! Gold...
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Pregnant Woman

Todd's Wife Wants Him to Do What?! He Gets Advice from Kim Zolciak!

UPDATE: Todd's getting advice on what to expect from our own Kim Zolciak! When Kim gave birth to her twin boys she made her hubby, Kroy Biermann, try her placenta. Say what?! Kroy even jumped on to tell us what he thought it would be like, what it was actually like, and why he did it. Care to know...
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Rainbow Chip Frosting

Brag on Your Binge Eating!

Jeff talked about how his fiancee, Callie, bought a lot of Rainbow Chip Frosting at the grocery store because it finally came back into the stores. When he opened the can to try it live on the show, there was some already missing! Callie had already opened the frosting and started eating it by the...
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