Taste of Atlanta

For this weekend only, Atlanta's best restaurants are under one roof and you can be there to taste it all! Get your tickets here.
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Snack Smuggling Skills

How do you get your goods past the gates?
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Confess Your Crush: India and Troy

She's got a thing for her bartender! But he thinks it's somebody else...
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Talk Foodie To Me: Cocktails

Where can you find the best cocktails in Atlanta? Skye has all the info you need.
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Ghosthunting: With Hannah and Louis

Sorry y'all, nobody guessed this one! Why'd he ditch after one great date?
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Talk Foodie To Me: The Brunch All Night Edition

Hear all about the DELICIOUS food we'll have at Brunch All Night this weekend!
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It's Rhyme Time!

In honor of Brunch All Night, this time our favorite radio game is about all things brunch!
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Producer Kelly Goes to the Hangout Festival

Brag about Your "Sponsorship"

Kelly Cheese let Jeff in on how she gets guys to "sponsor" her bar tab, meaning she gets drinks all night for free! Jeff was amazed at how she could actually get guys to buy her drinks without getting anything in return. Sponsored by a Guy So naturally, Jeff opened up the phone lines for ladies to...
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Jeff and Jenn's Teachers Only Happy Hour

Jeff and Jenn's Teachers ONLY Happy Hour

Are you a teacher? Are you looking for a great way to end the summer? If you answered yes to both of these, we have the night out you need! Jeff and Jenn want to do something nice and fun for all of you teachers, so we are hosting a TEACHERS ONLY Happy Hour at MadLife Stage & Studios in...
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Jeff and Jenn Show Cinco de Mayo

David About Town: Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is one of those holidays that people use as an excuse to drink A LOT! But Cinco de Mayo is so much more than that, it's to celebrate Mexico's victory over France in the Battle of the Puebla on May 5, 1862. But Producer David found out that there weren't very many people who knew about...
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