Jeannine On The Scene: What's In Your Mouth?

Producer Jeannine went to Taste of Atlanta to find out just how appropriate her fellow Atlantians really are.
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Who Can Shotgun A Beer The Fastest?

Who cares if it's only 8am? We're celebrating college today!
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Jeff's Text Message

Jeff got a text from a woman at 3:30am, and it wasn't his wife...
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Producer Kelly Goes to the Hangout Festival

Brag about Your "Sponsorship"

Kelly Cheese let Jeff in on how she gets guys to "sponsor" her bar tab, meaning she gets drinks all night for free! Jeff was amazed at how she could actually get guys to buy her drinks without getting anything in return. Sponsored by a Guy So naturally, Jeff opened up the phone lines for ladies to...
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Jeff Drinks Placenta

Jeff Brought in a Placenta Pill

We spoke with Todd earlier in the week, he’s expecting his first child! Todd wanted to know how placenta tastes because his wife wanted both of them to try it. A lot of people called in saying the hospital would encapsulate it for them. Well, Jeff was able to get his hands on some placenta pills...
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