Ghosthunting: With Leigh and Caitlyn

Leigh slept with Caitlyn's boyfriend 15 years ago, but she's ready to apologize. Will Caitlyn hear her out?
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A Ghosthunting Request: Leigh and Caitlyn

Leigh and Caitlyn were besties in high school until some serious drama broke their friendship up. 15 years later and Leigh wants to reconnect!
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A Skinny Dipping Dumpster Fire

Do you think this will all go...swimmingly? Or will things take a...dip...for the worst?
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Dumpster Fire: Moving My Roommate

You've heard of "Don't Poke the Bear." But what if the bear refuses to move, and you move it all yourself while they're gone?
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Jeff's Drama

Is he just being paranoid?
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Ghost Hunting: Troy & Nicole

Troy's wife Beth Ann ghosted her friend Nicole in high school after they had a falling out. Troy wants to see if the two can rekindle their friendship but the reason Beth Ann ghosted Nicole has us asking if this is a good idea or not? Ghost Hunting: Troy and Nicole Part 1 We reached out to Nicole...
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Can You Boot A Bridesmaid?

You asked your girl to be a bridesmaid and now you wish you could cut her out of the wedding completely. Is that allowed?! Can You Boot A Bridesmaid Our callers were all for giving her the boot. Boot A Bridesmaid Calls
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Wrong Thing to Say at a Wedding

UPDATE: The topic was so popular that we posed the question to our listeners again, what was the wrong thing that was said at your wedding. And some of the comments were unbelievable! Megan said her new father-in-law said she wasn't the thinnest his son has had, but she was the smartest. Miranda's...
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Mad Bride

Disinvited to a Wedding: Should Kat Do It?

How exactly do you go about UN-inviting someone to your wedding? Listener Kat called us and she needs to uninvite a former co-worker who has already RSVP'd. Uh oh, this could be awkward. This co-worker always caused drama, so much so that she was fired. Kat wants to avoid any drama at her wedding,...
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