UPDATE: Jenn's Been Keeping a Secret From Her Kids...

She needs to know if it's time to tell them!
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Jeff And MacKenzie Bezos

Fine, but Who Gets Whole Foods? Amazon's Jeff Bezos Announces Divorce From Wife Mackenzie

After a surprise announcement, many are left wondering what happens next for the richest man in the world
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In The Loop: November 15, 2018

James Corden had us ROFLing!
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My Kind of Crazy: Post-Divorce Posh

Delaney flaunts her post-divorce lifestyle all over social media.
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How Millennials Are Ruining Divorce

It turns out waiting is a good thing
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Phone Scam: The One With the Department of Divorce

What would happen if you found out your Fiance was married before, and hid it from you? THEN what if you found out they were still married!?. Phone Scam The One With The Department of Divorce
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Confess Your Crush:Donny and Kori

She's confessing her crush to her wedding DJ!
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Leaving A Marriage For No Reason?

Is it possible to leave a marriage for absolutely no reason?
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Tales From Divorce

Fill in the blank: "I can't believe that fought over _____ in the divorce!"
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How Many Marriages are too Many?

Does it matter how many times you say "I do?"
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