What Could Go Wrong?

JP is getting married this weekend! What could possibly go wrong before then?
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A Very Awkward Thanksgiving

Jeff told us about an awkward situation he found himself in on Thanksgiving day. Jeffs Awkward Thanksgiving Story Didn't think it could get any more awkward, did you? And then Sarah called us & told us her really awkward (& traumatic) story. Sarah's Awkward Thanksgiving Story Sarah...
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I Burned My Vacation Days For THIS?

We've all been there. At some point, we've all burned vaca days on total crap. The struggle is real. I burned my vaca days for THIS?
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Ruined Proposal

Ruined Proposal: Robert Needs Help

Robert was ready to ask his girlfriend to marry him, he was going to surprise her and had the perfect setup planned. He asked her dad to marry her and he said yes. But the dad told his wife, and she told Robert's girlfriend about the plan! UPDATE: Did Robert take Jeff's advice over the weekend and...
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